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About me

After a spiritual awakening, I took to reading tarot and began my spiritual journey and opened my mind to the spiritual world. I am still developing my abilities in this field. I receive insights through meditation and also enjoy using crystals such as amazonite with balancing my chakras.

My Services


  • Full, in-depth general readings consisting of 10 cards.
  • In-depth love readings.
  • In-depth finance readings.
  • In-depth career readings.
  • Three card past, present and future.


  • Connection to a past loved one.
  • For these readings I require a photograph and name of the person.


  • Yes and No questions answered.


  • If you are struggling with a dream then I can interpret the dream to help you realise aspects of your life.

Birth mark readings

  • This requires a photograph of the birth mark and the location on the body. This helps me to look into your past lives.


  • Couples compatibility.
  • I require both couples star signs.


  • Couples horoscopes.
  • Daily horoscopes.
  • Monthly horoscopes.

Photo intuitive readings

  • I require an unfiltered photograph and use my clairvoyant skills to view your life situation.

Tarot readings from the following card sets

Angel Prayers
Earth Magic

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